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Imagine having irresistible learning activities at your fingertips.

No more relying on screen time, or scouring Pinterest for hours for ideas. Just done-for-you printable learning activities so you can spend more time playing with your kids than planning for them.

here’s the thing…

90% of your child’s brain growth happens before they hit kindergarten.

During this time they are naturally curious about the world. And you have a window of opportunity to fuel that curiosity. To get them excited to learn. Build their confidence in themselves. Help them develop an internal motivation to learn that sticks with them through their teenage years and beyond.

But, Ummm, I have no time…

How are you supposed to find the time to research learning activities when your to-do list is a mile long and you can’t catch your breath long enough to even make sure you shower every day?

autumn nature journal
Drumroll, Please! It’s time for…

The Little Moon Monthly Membership

Beautiful, designed-for-you printable activities delivered to your inbox every month, that take the stress out of constantly brainstorming fun & educational activities for your kids.

monthly membership kids activities

This membership is the only one of its kind because…

First off, you get 20+ pages of premium printables every month.

These aren’t boring one-page, developmentally inappropriate worksheets filled with tacky clipart from 1992. Nope. These are highly engaging, beautiful watercolor designs, backed by research to show your preschooler how fun learning can be. Seasonal, theme-based printables with a mix of pretend play, cognitive learning, connection-building, independent play, and fine & gross motor practice.

sample month

fall scavenger hunt cards
autumn nature journal printable
pumpkin emotion game for kids
pie sequencing cards printable
autumn coloring pages
field guide to play
how to set up activities for parents
how to get kids to learn
activity ideas
Next up, a Field Guide to Play.

Your handbook to setting up the activities and getting hours of play (out of the same printable!). This is where you get loads of activity ideas, understand what your kiddo is learning, and get instructions on how to print & prep your activities. Plus, multiple ways to use each printable (maximizing play time and minimizing prep time)

Oh, and the best part? The free bonuses printables!

During the month I drop fun extra printables to help get you through the month (that you can only get through the membership). Things like printable lunchbox notes, coloring pages, and seasonal activities.

Montessori 3 part card activities

Now, all of these goodies? If you were to purchase them separately, you’d end up paying over $40. But with the membership, you get everything for just $9 a month.


Designed by a cognitive psychologist. I research the most developmentally beneficial activities, so you don’t have to

Curated Activities

Includes a variety of cognitive activities, pretend play, connection-building games, social emotional skills, and fine & gross motor development

Modern, beautiful designs

Help your child appreciate beauty in their environment with realistic watercolor art designs

quick & Easy PRep

Instantly download, print & assemble all activities for the month in 15 minutes or less


Have a plan so you don’t rely on giving your kid a screen to get things done

how it works

New Activities Every Month

how to download printable pdf activity
1. monthly digital delivery

On the 15th of every month, you’ll get access to the following month’s activities, giving you lots of time to gather any supplies & prep.

how to print pdf
2. Print, Laminate & Cut

Simply print the pages on your home printer on Letter or A4 cardstock. Laminating is optional, but recommended. Cut as marked. Some light assembly might be needed.

3. play!

The Field Guide to Play gives you tons of ideas for games and activities. The best part? Reuse the same materials over & over in different activities — reducing prep time!

how to keep kids busy

This is for Busy Moms Who:

Are overwhelmed with endless daily tasks and have no time to plan out meaningful activities for their kid

Want their kid to thrive in school (and beyond)

Feel guilty because they’ve gone overboard on screen-time and need help

Want fun activities their kiddo can do independently

Are worried they’re wasting an opportunity to help their kid flourish

Are ready to carve out 15 minutes a month to give their kid creative and nurturing playtime to build confidence in themselves

mom and preschooler
but guess what…
When I had my son, it hit me like a ton of bricks. The gut-wrenching responsibility of motherhood: do. not. mess. this. up. I knew my baby’s brain was craving information, but I didn’t know where to start. And I felt like I was failing as a mom.

What activities did he need to learn?
What was the right thing to focus on?

So I dug into research. With a doctorate in cognitive psychology, I started with what I knew: Piaget, schema learning, play theories and brain executive functioning. Then I added Montessori theories for practical life & closed-ended activities, Waldorf for imaginative play, respectful parenting techniques from Magda Gerber, and body movement & development from Emma Pikler.

And when my son was 9 months old, I made him his first toy (a Montessori ball drop) out of a cardboard box. It became his favorite activity and I was hooked.

At 2, I created his first cognitive activity. I laid out butterfly symmetry cards on our kitchen floor for him to match one side with it’s pair. He sat immersed in matching the butterflies, identifying patterns, for nearly 25 minutes.

And now? At 3, I can tell you there’s nothing better than when he asks me to play “mama activities” — from scavenger hunts, to sorting activities to board games. It’s our time we spend together, bonding and building his love of learning together.

And now you can use the same activities for your little one too.

busy parents Use These Activities for Family bonding games
These printable activities are used by busy moms like Ashley, who repurposed a single bug-matching activity into 3 different games, including a family game that included both her 2-year-old and 4-year-old. Her kids had a blast while they bonded as a family, and Ashley felt proud her little kiddos were learning at the same time.
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bug activity multiple kids

“it was so fun to sit and play together while also knowing he was learning”

My 4 year old had a blast with these. We started out with a matching game and then started playing a memory game. My husband and I played with him, all taking turns for memory, and it was so fun to sit and play together while also knowing he was learning. The printouts are beautiful and I laminated them so they would last longer—they look so good! Plus, the instructions are really helpful. It comes with a lot of information about how to use them with your kiddos. My 2 year old also enjoyed playing with them—there are lots of cards, so we were able to set up a smaller matching game for him while the 4 year old played memory. Can’t recommend enough!

— ASHley c.
Meet the mom behind the activities…

Hi, I’m Stefanie

I started Little Moon because I wanted to create activities for preschoolers, because they are in such a unique window of time, full of curiosity, and we can fuel that by showing them how fun learning is.

But (with a background in cognitive psychology) it was really important to me to create activities that are backed by research & actually support healthy development. I see so many activities out there that are completely inappropriate for preschoolers (*ahem* looking at you, worksheets). Just because they’re easy doesn’t mean they’re good for your kid.

AND, I wanted to create activities that are beautiful, grounded in nature, and almost like little works of art. (Not over-stimulating, multi-colored designs filled with cartoonish clipart.) Like the Montessori emphasis on beauty in our environment, I think surrounding ourselves with high quality artistic materials, allows our brains to slow down and appreciate what’s in front of us.

So, I started designing hands-on activities for my son. And now I’m making them available to you and your family.

Stefanie Fail, Ph.D.

This is for you if:

you want fun Hands-On learning activities you can do at home
Your kid is between 2 and 6 years old
You can print + Assemble Activities

It’s probably not for you if:

You’re looking for one-dimensional worksheets
you need a full homeschool curriculum
you don’t have 15 minutes/month to prep
ready to get started?

Sign up below to nurture your child’s desire to play and learn.

seasonal printable activities for preschool kids
pick the plan that works for you:

Monthly Plan

Every month you’ll get:

20+ pages of printables
Field guide to play
bonus printables

Choose the monthly plan with the flexibility to cancel any time. Upgrade to Annual anytime.

$9 a Month

Annual Plan

Every month you’ll get:

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20+ Pages of printables
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Field guide to play
bonus printables
30% off 1 Item from the shop

Choose the annual plan to get 2 months free. Note: There are no partial refunds if you cancel early.

$90 a Year

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get started! pick the plan that works for you:

Monthly Plan

Every month you’ll get:

20+ pages of printables
Field guide to play
bonus printables

Choose the monthly plan with the flexibility to cancel any time. Upgrade to Annual anytime.

$9 a Month

Annual Plan

Every month you’ll get:

check mark
20+ Pages of printables
check mark
Field guide to play
bonus printables
30% off 1 Item from the shop

Choose the annual plan to get 2 months free. Note: There are no partial refunds if you cancel early.

$90 a Year

Hi, Mama, Is this You?

You’ve tried setting up elaborate activities before, only to have your energetic kid play with them for 12 seconds before giving up and declaring war on your cat’s tail.

And with no energy left, you hand them a screen (again), already dreading the inevitable fight of peeling it away from them later.

busy mom with kids

How Does This Sound?

You’ll finally be able to…


Escape the pressure of constantly brainstorming fun & educational activities for your kids

Feel assured knowing that you’re providing varied, age-appropriate activities designed for your child’s developmental needs (and it’s not a screen!)



Reclaim your time, spending more time playing with your kids than planning for them

halloween printable activities for preschool kids

Get 6 Free Halloween Activities if You Sign Up Before October 24th

Want some spooky fun learning activities? Make sure you sign up before October 24th before these treats disappear.

The best bits in a nutshell


Planning Done For You

Never scour Pinterest again piecing together elaborate activities that would take hours to prep – instead, use my pre-designed & pre-planned activities that you can set up in 10 minutes or less (and then reuse again and again in different games)


Seasonal & Fun themes

Each monthly delivery includes seasonal and theme-based activities that are hands-on and designed to build cognitive, emotional, and physical motor skills that will prepare them to flourish in school



Printables are aimed at ages 3-6 and kid-tested (my head QA guy is 3 and takes his job very seriously)


Backed by Research

All activities are based on research to promote healthy development (no worksheets here!). They include tactile manipulatives, interactive games, connection-building activities, pretend play fun, and fine & gross motor practice


Modern Watercolor Designs

Printables are lovingly made (by me!) with modern watercolor artwork so they will look beautiful scattered carelessly around your home

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