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Goodbye 90s clipart, hello modern watercolor art you’ll want to hang in every room

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hands on learning manipulatives
Early learning resources

Toddler & Preschool Activities

Hands-on learning manipulatives covering phonics, alphabet letters, and numbers for your toddler or preschooler

matching game for toddlers
visual discrimination

pattern Matching Activities

Pattern recognition games to help build the literacy skills your kiddo will need to read and write

Montessori 3 part card activities
vocabulary building

Montessori 3 Part Cards

3 part nomenclature cards for traditional Montessori activities and beyond to build vocabulary and play matching games

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my mission

Learning Activities Your Kid Can’t Resist

If you’re a toddler or preschooler parent who dreams of having a child who is captivated by learning — but are so overwhelmed that you find yourself handing them a screen more than you’d like to admit — nice to meet you, I’m your new solution.

Create low-prep, preschool learning printable activities that are dripping with developmental benefits. And the best part? Your kid doesn’t even know it’s educational. Shhh…..

Alphabet, Letters & Phonics ➝

Numbers & Counting ➝

Shapes & Colors ➝

Hey There

I’m Stefanie—Founder & Designer For Little Moon

I’m a toddler mom and cognitive psychologist. I believe if you want your toddler or preschooler to develop a love of learning that inspires them to keep soaking up knowledge into their teenage years and beyond, the best way to do it is through fun, hands-on activities that don’t stifle their curiosity.

Nurture their intrinsic desire to play, and learning is organic. Easy. Captivating.

Now is the time.

how printables work

Set up An Activity in 5 Minutes



After checking out, you’ll get your printable PDF activity faster than you can warm your coffee (for the third time). And it’s available forever in your Little Moon account. Download it as many times as you need to.

easy preschool activities at home


Print on your home printer on Letter or A4 paper. Use cardstock to make it more durable.


Laminate + Cut

Laminating is optional but it creates vibrant, long-lasting activities (or if you’ve got a kid who really loves to tear). Then cut out where indicated.

Voilà! Now You Might be wondering exactly How to use your activities—I’ve got you! Every Activity comes packed with loads of ideas of how to use them in creative & fun ways.

And the best part? Print them again and again to use them in completely different activities.

Grab Your Freebies

flashcard activity guide
free alphabet chart printable
free butterfly life cycle coloring page
free butterfly coloring pages
ocean life coloring pages
best of the blog

Get activity inspiration of loads of different ways to use your printables and get communication tips.

butterfly life cycle activity

Butterfly Activities for Preschoolers

Ignite curiosity with interactive butterfly activities for preschoolers. From life cycle, arts and crafts, learning games, to motor skills.

Preschooler at a kitchen counter cooking with a Mickey Mouse toy. Standing in front of a bowl demonstrating the benefits of cooking with preschoolers

Best Preschool Cooking Activities

Discover 43 smart cooking activities for preschoolers to combat picky eating and nurture lifelong healthy eating habits.

printable matching games

Printable Matching Game

Creative printable matching games for toddlers and preschoolers to improve memory and cognitive skills through play based learning.

homeschool activities for preschool

Are These Preschool Learning Printable activities for you?

↠ busy parents

Parents looking for enriching activities that your kids enjoy, without relying on screen time

↠ Teachers & Educators

Use these activities in your classroom to facilitate play-based learning

↠ Homeschooling

Supplement your homeschool curriculum with these fun and engaging activities

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Want 15 Creative Activities You Can Do with Flashcards?

Stop using drills and focus on games that make your child want to learn. Here’s 15 unconventional activities to start thinking out of the box.

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Stop Creating Boring Activities

Get 1 bite-sized kids’ activity, once a week, that your kid can’t stop playing with. Plus exclusive goodies. Sign up ↴

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