Valentines Ladybug Craft: Free Printable

valentine ladybug craft free printable

Let’s Make Ladybug Valentines Day Crafts

If you’re looking for Valentine crafts for preschoolers, this free printable heart shape Valentines ladybug craft is for you!

This simple heart craft for toddlers is perfect for any Valentine themed activities, or for a preschool classroom. Makes the perfect ladybug card for grandparents too.

With just a handful of simple supplies from around your house, your toddler will love putting this ladybug together + is a great way to build fine motor skills with those little hands. 

While this fun activity is an easy craft made for toddlers and preschoolers, children of all ages can partake in the heart ladybug craft.

easy valentine craft for preschoolers

Benefits of Toddler Crafts

Cutting out the ladybug’s body, assembling the red hearts, and attaching the little black circle, all take a lot of concentration and give your child a fine motor skill workout! 

All while they make fun crafts that’s cute to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

And it’s not always, easy to assemble everything the first time, so gives your preschooler a good activity to practice their frustration tolerance too.

Materials for the Ladybug Craft

As an alternative, you could use red and black construction paper and cut out your own pattern pieces, instead of printing them.

printable valentines craft materials

Step by Step Instructions

Here’s exactly how to put the Valentines ladybug craft together! It’s all pretty simple though and feel free to make up your own instructions!

easy valentines crafts with printer printing a cut out page for a ladybug printable craft

1. print

Print your free ladybug template on 8.5” x 11” or A4 paper.  You can use regular white paper, but if you have it on hand, cardstock will make a sturdier bug (especially if you want to make it into a ladybug heart card). 

Alternatively, instead of printing just cut out these pieces from red and black paper by hand drawing them.

ladybug crafts for preschoolers - cut out printable

2. cut

Cut out each of the pieces from the cut out pieces.

valentines day crafts for kindergarten - assemble ladybug

3. start assembling

Place the red heart (ladybug body) on top of the big round black circle (ladybug head) and glue together.

valentines day crafts for kids

4. make the head

Attach the 2 ladybug antennas with the small heart on the ends to the top of the circle (ladybugs head).

free valentine printables

5. add the eyes

Add the eyes to the head (you can also use googly eyes for a fun twist)

valentine ladybug craft

6. finishing touches

Put on the black dots on the lady bug’s back. (You could make these into black hearts if you wanted!)

You’re all done! Sit back and admire your finished Valentines ladybug craft.

Creative Ways to Use the Adorable valentines ladybug craft

This love bug activity is fun all on its own, but here are a few more ideas of what to do with your new ladybug.

valentine’s day card

Make 2 little ladybugs and attach them on the long edge of the heart to make a ladybug Valentine’s day card.  The perfect Valentine for preschoolers to make for parents, or to give to grandparents.  Add a photo or a sweet message inside to make it super special.

valentines day cards for preschool classroom
Need Valentine’s Day Cards for your preschool class? I’ve got you covered. The punniest cards you’ve ever seen.

Valentine’s Day table centerpiece.

Make several ladybugs and attach the them to sticks (or chopsticks) and stick them in a bowl of beans so that stand up.

puppet show

Put on a garden puppet show! Make bugs and put them on sticks and act out a ladybug play.  Get creative and imaginative with your story!

scavenger hunt

Hide the ladybugs around your house for a sweet scavenger hunt

practice math & counting

Practice math and numbers by counting the lady bug’s dots

valentine’s day decorations

Attach multiple ladybugs together on a string to make a fun Valentine’s Day banner decoration

perfect classroom or party activity

Use them in a preschool, kindergarten or first grade classroom or as a fun birthday activity – easy to make craft kits for each child

valentine ladybug craft free printable

Download: free valentines ladybug craft template

You’ll receive a printable template (1 page) to download on your home printer on Letter or A4 paper. It includes everything you need to make the adorable ladybug craft above.

What’s Next?

Check out these fun activities:

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