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“We started out with a matching game and then started playing a memory game. My husband and I played with him, all taking turns for memory, and it was so fun to sit and play together while also knowing he was learning.”

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Oh hi, Is this You?

↠ busy parents

You are on the hamster wheel that is groundhog’s day. Every day, the same routine and barely enough time to just keep your head above water. When exactly are you supposed to research educational activities for your little one? Never! Sit back, and I’ll deliver your play based learning activity idea every Monday morning.

↠ Teachers & Educators

You want to move beyond just using flat one dimensional worksheets in your classroom, but where do you start? Every Monday you’ll get a fun hands-on activity idea you can use in your classroom.

↠ Homeschooling

You spend a lot of time putting together your homeschool curriculum but you need more fun activities to keep it engaging and interesting. Use these activity ideas to keep your little learners anticipating each day of learning.

I’m Stefanie—designer & founder

I believe kids learn the most when they’re not “learning.” When they are just playing, conducting their own experiments, and making up their own rules.

I like to give activity ideas that kids want to play—learning is just what happens along the way. And, because I’m a cognitive psychologist, I can’t help including what developmental benefits your kiddo will be giving with each activity.

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