CVC Word Wheel: -AT Family Words with Pictures PDF


Help your kindergarten and first grade kid learn to read and write with this fun CVC word wheel activity. This -at family words with pictures PDF focuses on rhyming words ending with the sound -at. Go beyond basic worksheets with this hands-on literacy activity that includes 4 learning manipulatives. Kids learn best through repetition and interaction, which is the heart of this activity.

Here’s how the reading game works:

1️⃣ Spin the word wheel & read the word
2️⃣ Match the picture cards to the word
3️⃣ Build the word with printable letters
4️⃣ Write it out

This printable helps preschool and elementary kids start developing reading skills by reading simple words. If your kid is beginning to read, start here.


At words 3 letters worksheet
Learn To Read

Teaching CVC Words To Your Child

If you want your child to learn to recognize patterns in words, start with CVC words. What are CVC words? They are simple words beginner readers start with because they are easy to read. They follow the format of consonant vowel consonant or CVC for short. This word family activity focuses on words ending in the short vowel A sound -at. 

So, ditch one-dimensional word family worksheets and use proven hands-on methods instead.

  • Practice beginning sound letters for words that end in -at
  • Helps learn the relationship between several words 
  • Repetition through hands-on methods reinforces learning organically
  • Interactive games make learning fun, not forced

Here’s What’s Included:

cvc short a worksheets

Your printable 14 page PDF packet includes:

1 CVC worksheet for words ending in -at

8 photos representing the 8 -at words

2 word spinners: upper and lower case letters

20 letter cut-outs (upper and lower case) to build words

Plus you’ll get:

Parent Guide with activity instructions + 5 fun ideas for variations

Printing guide

How To Set Up An Activity

Educational Benefits Of Using This CVC Word Wheel

help your child fall in love with Reading


Phonics Skills

CVC word activities help children develop phonics skills by focusing on the fundamental sound-letter correspondences. They learn to decode and blend individual sounds to form words, enhancing their reading abilities.


Vocabulary Building

Engaging with word family activities exposes children to a variety of simple words, expanding their vocabulary. This early exposure to different word patterns and combinations lays the foundation for future language development and spelling practice.


Word Recognition

Practicing CVC words improves reading fluency as children become more comfortable and confident with decoding and reading simple words. Regular engagement with CVC word activities enhances their reading speed and accuracy.


Reading Comprehension

CVC words serve as building blocks for more complex words and sentences. By mastering these foundational skills, children can understand and comprehend a wider range of texts as they progress in their reading journey.


Cognitive Skills

Engaging in CVC word activities promotes cognitive skills such as memory, attention to detail, and problem-solving. Children need to recall letter-sound associations, analyze word structures, and apply phonics rules, fostering critical thinking abilities.


Fine Motor Skills

Spinning the word wheel, building the word with tiles, and moving the picture cards around helps strengthen their hand muscles and coordination, enhancing your child’s overall fine motor development.

active learning activities for preschool


Designed by a cognitive psychologist + mom to support healthy development


Let your child’s creativity soar while you get a much needed break

artfully designed

Goodbye 90s clipart, hello modern watercolor art you’ll want to hang in every room

Materials You’ll Need To Make These Fun Activities

➝ Home printer
➝ Cardstock paper (8.5×11″ or A4)
➝ Laminator & lamination packets (optional but recommended)
➝ Brad fastener
➝ Scissors
➝ Dry erase marker
➝ Velcro dots (optional for pieces you want to stick)

how it works

Set Up An Activity In 5 Minutes

how to download printable pdf activity
1. Downoad

Within seconds of checking out, your printable PDF will be ready for download. And it’s available forever in your Little Moon account.

how to print pdf
2. Print

Simply print the pages on your home printer on Letter or A4 paper. Use cardstock to make it more durable.

cutting printable activity
3. Laminate, Cut & Assemble

Laminating is optional but helpful for reusability. Cut as marked. Some activities require light assembly (like fastening the spinner together).

Frequently Asked Questions

What age Is This activity suitable for?

Aimed at ages 4 and up. Preschool, kindergarten & first graders can use this activity, but usage may vary between children. More importantly, children should have a solid grasp of phonics before moving to reading.

What skills should my child have before using this activity?

Before reading CVC words, children should have foundational skills such as phonemic awareness, letter recognition, and letter-sound correspondence. These skills involve understanding individual sounds in words, recognizing and naming the alphabet, and associating letters with their corresponding sounds. Additionally, listening comprehension & strong oral language skills contribute to their readiness for reading CVC words.

How many word families are covered in this activity?

The ending sound -at word family is included in this activity. 

How long does it typically take to complete the activity? Is it suitable for short attention spans?

It takes about 15 minutes to go through all of the words but will vary for each child and their attention span and reading ability. If your child has a hard time sitting still, ideas are included for how to adapt the activity to incorporate gross motor play to keep your child engaged.

Can this activity be used for homeschooling or in a classroom setting?

Absolutely! Use it as a standalone reading activity, or supplement a curriculum. Perfect for homeschool parents or teachers to use in classroom activities.

Can this activity be used multiple times, or is it a one-time use?

Definitely reuse these activities over and over. You can always print multiple copies, but I recommend laminating for durability. I’ve designed many of the activities to be used in multiple ways and the materials to be interchangeable between activities.

Does the PDF provide clear instructions on how to use the activity?

Always! All of my printables include a Parent Guide and Printing Guide. With clear instructions on printing & setting up your activity, to how to engage with your child while you play. Plus lots of bonus creative ideas of how to use this activity in unique and fun ways.

Can I print and use this activity immediately after purchase?

Yes, your download will be available within seconds after your payment goes through.  You’ll receive an email with a link to your download, and if you create an account, you can always access your files there. Downloads never expire and have no download limits. 

What are the terms of use?

For personal use only. Use it in 1 household or 1 classroom. No commercial usage and can not be resold.

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hands on activity for at family words with pictures pdf
CVC Word Wheel: -AT Family Words with Pictures PDF