Simple Butterfly Coloring Pages for Kids

free butterfly coloring pages

Free Printable Butterfly Coloring Pages

Do you have a butterfly-loving preschooler?

If so, then you’re in for a treat! These simple butterfly coloring pages are sure to give your kid hours of fun as they explore the wonders of nature.

Coloring is also a fantastic way to let preschoolers explore the natural world and learn about different animals, insects, and plants. Not to mention a great way to practice all of those wonderful fine motor skills.

And, it’s also a way to keep kids busy — which is why it’s especially useful to have a fun coloring book on hand around dinner prep time (AKA the time when all kids like to go bonkers).

These 13 beautiful butterfly coloring pages are great for kids of all ages. For younger kids (like preschool students) I’ve included easy butterfly coloring pages with a simple design that are easy to color — with flowers, and even some color by number butterflies. And for older kids, I’ve included a bit more intricate designs, where they can add detail to monarch butterfly coloring pages and more.

Want even more butterfly activities? Check out my definitive guide to butterfly activities your preschooler will love.

Read on for details about what’s included, along with benefits of coloring, or you can just skip to download your free butterfly coloring pages.

Benefits of Coloring for kids

Coloring is an activity that helps children develop their fine motor skills, concentration, and creativity. It’s also a fun way to spend time with your kids and encourage them to express themselves through art.

Coloring is fun, but it’s also good for you! Here are some benefits of coloring for kids:

Improves fine motor skills

When children work on coloring pictures, they use their fingers and hands to grab crayons or color pencils. As they practice coloring, they learn how to control their movements and use their fingers more precisely. This develops their hand-eye coordination, which is essential for many things in life such as writing, throwing a ball, or buttoning their coat.

Improves cognitive ability

Coloring can help improve cognitive ability in children by helping them develop their imagination and creativity. Children are able to express themselves through coloring instead of just using words to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Coloring also helps children develop problem-solving skills through identifying colors, matching colors together and filling in spaces with colors that don’t match each other well.

4 printable butterfly coloring pages with easy images for preschool kids

Learning Colors

Coloring helps kids practice their colors. When kids color, they learn about different colors and how to name them. They can see the difference between bright colors, and light colors and the different shades in between. This can help children learn other things that involve colors, like reading street signs, recognizing fruit or vegetables at the grocery store, or telling the difference between red and green traffic lights.

Helps kids relax

Coloring has been shown to reduce stress levels and improve moods in both adults and children alike!

Sparks curiosity to learn

Coloring pages are a great way for preschoolers to learn about nature because they get curious about what they’re coloring! My toddler LOVE to ask questions and when we color, he wants to know ALL about the pictures.

Use this as an opportunity to fill your preschool kids brain with knowledge. From the name of butterfly, the different colors on the butterfly’s wings, to the life cycle of a butterfly. Or get creative and make up a story together about what the butterfly’s day is like.

What’s Included with These Free Butterfly Coloring Sheets

Your free PDF file download includes 13 butterfly printable coloring pages that you can print at home. They are for personal use and non-commercial use. Feel free to use them in your classroom too with young kids!

printable butterfly coloring page filled with easy to color butterflies and moths for preschool kids

1. Group of Butterflies

Beautiful butterflies and moths float together in this easy to color sheet, complete with leaf and star designs.

printable butterfly coloring page filled with 3 big butterflies and moths for preschool kids

2. Simple Butterfly Coloring Page

Perfect for preschool kids, this simple outline of three butterflies let’s kids experiment with color.

printable butterfly coloring page filled with easy to color butterflies, a plant and a bee for preschool kids

3. Unique Butterflies with Bees

Two unique butterflies sit on a tree with leaves while a bee buzzes by.

free printable butterfly coloring page filled with easy to color butterfly and flowers for preschoolers

4. Gorgeous Butterfly with Polka Dot Pattern

This printable butterfly sheet features a beautiful butterfly with polka dot wings floating above a sea of wild flowers.

free printable butterfly coloring page filled with easy to color butterfly and flowers for preschoolers

5. Flower butterfly Coloring Page

Another easy to color sheet for younger kids, featuring simple butterfly outlines with lots of stripes an opportunities to get creative with color. Pretty spring flowers are mingled in with the floating butterflies.

free printable color by number butterfly coloring page filled with easy to color butterfly for preschoolers

6. Color by Number Butterfly

This easy color by number butterfly coloring sheet features 4 colors for your little one to map. Let the design reveal itself as you color each number in. This one is a great way to get number practice into coloring!

free printable butterfly coloring page filled with easy to color butterfly and flowers for preschoolers

7. Large Butterfly with Intricate Butterfly Wings

This free butterfly coloring sheet is designed for older kids (or even adults!), with more intricate design on the wings. And floating above ferns and flowers that have a bit more detail to them.

free printable insect bug and gingko leaves for preschoolers

8. Beautiful Bug with Gingko Leaves

Okay, so this isn’t a butterfly. But it’s in the insect world, and love the detailed design on this beetle. Surrounded by a sea of gingko leaves.

free printable monarch butterfly coloring page filled with easy to color butterfly and flowers for preschoolers

9. Monarch Butterfly Coloring Page

Color this monarch butterfly with it’s traditional orange color, or get creative and give it a rainbow set of colors! Features line drawn wildflowers.

free printable color by number butterfly coloring page filled with easy to color butterfly for preschoolers

10. Color by Number Butterfly Page

Another color by number butterfly coloring page. This one features 5 colors to map to unveil the final design. Or pick out your own colors!

free printable butterfly coloring page filled with easy to color butterfly and flowers for preschoolers

11. Simple Butterfly Coloring Page with Leaves

This easy to color page has simple line and a basic outline for each butterfly, surrounded by big jungle leaves.

free printable mystical butterfly coloring page filled with easy to color butterfly and stars for preschoolers

12. Mystical Butterfly with Detailed Wing Patterns

This butterfly design is a fun one with some mystical elements, stars and big eyes.

free printable butterfly coloring page filled with easy to color butterfly and flowers for preschoolers

13. Cute Butterfly Coloring Page with Flowers

This easy to color butterfly page features lots of stripes and dots to color, plus flowers and leaves.

Download the Free Butterfly Coloring Pages

Want More Super Fun Activities?

I’ve got you! Oh, and if we haven’t met, hi! I’m Stefanie—designer of printable activities for busy moms who want their toddlers and preschoolers to love learning (through play). If you like this coloring book and want more Little Moon in your life, here are some ideas:

Check out these butterfly matching cards. If your little butterfly-loving kiddo just can’t get enough, I have a feeling they might fall in love with this butterfly matching game. Just print and play. Oh, and while they’re having fun, they are also learning symmetry, pattern recognition and prepping themselves to learn to read.

Teach the butterfly life cycle with free coloring pages. Inspire wonder and awe for the magical transformation from caterpillar to butterfly with these free coloring pages.

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