Play & Learn Activities

Discover hands-on learning activities for toddlers and preschoolers! Explore interactive, sensory, and Montessori-inspired ideas for parents and teachers. Ignite curiosity and foster educational growth through play-based learning.

a preschool kids ice cream shop dramatic play area including printable popsicles and ice cream cutouts, order forms, play money and signs
Play & Learn Activities

Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Fun Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play Area

Inside: Your step-by-step guiding to setting up a magical DIY ice cream shop dramatic play area that inspires imaginative play ...

gnome valentine coloring pages free
Play & Learn Activities Arts & Crafts

10 Free Gnome Valentine Coloring Pages (plus 6 Creative Ways To Use Them)

Inside: Download a free set of 10 printable gnome Valentine coloring pages for your preschool kid. C an you create ...

Montessori Jar Lid Open Close Activity
Montessori Activities Play & Learn Activities

3 Confidence-Building Toddler Montessori Activities That Don’t Cost a Thing

3 easy Montessori activities for 18 month olds (using only things you have around your house) that increase your toddler's independence.

pikler triangle benefits
Play & Learn Activities

The Best Gross Motor Skills Toys To Burn Energy

The best gross motor skills toys to improve your toddler & preschooler's physical development & get out extra energy. Minimal & Montessori-aligned toys.

outdoor tuff tray ideas
Play & Learn Activities

Easy Outdoor Tuff Tray Idea: Set Up A Flour Sensory Activity in 5 Minutes or Less

Discover a simple & cheap outdoor tuff tray idea using a flour sensory bin, that'll keep your toddler or preschooler entertained & learning for hours.

free butterfly life cycle coloring page
Play & Learn Activities

Explore The Butterfly Life Cycle with A Free Coloring Page

Captivate your preschooler with the butterfly life cycle. Download a free printable coloring sheet, and learn how to explain metamorphosis.

A child cooks with his mom, helping to crack eggs at a table showing cooking with kids
Play & Learn Activities

43 Cooking Activities for Preschoolers To Build Lifelong Healthy Eating Habits

Discover 43 smart cooking activities for preschoolers to combat picky eating and nurture lifelong healthy eating habits.

boy toddler cooking in the kitchen making a mess on the counter with flour
Play & Learn Activities

Benefits of Cooking in Early Childhood (Supported by Research)

Discover research supported benefits of cooking in early childhood. Like healthy eating habits, fine motor skills, and helping picky eaters.

Play & Learn Activities

32 Shape Names with Pictures (2D & 3D Examples)

Use this list of shape names with pictures to help your toddler or preschooler learn shapes! From basic 2D shapes to 3D geometric objects.

3 free printable alphabet charts including capital and lowercase letters, cursive ABC chart and a letter coloring page. Download and print to create an ABC chart at home
Play & Learn Activities

ABC Chart: 14 Fun Activities For Learning The Alphabet (With 6 Free Printables)

Learn 14 ways to use an ABC chart to learn alphabet letters & sounds, for your preschool kid to get ready for kindergarten.

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