Cognitive Activities

Check out our collection of cognitive activities for children. Boost their learning and development with engaging puzzles, games, and more. Perfect for early education.

free 4 step sequencing pictures printable
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Want Your Kids to Listen? Try this 4 Step Sequencing Pictures Activity

Download our FREE 4 Step Sequencing Pictures Printable to help your preschooler learn to follow directions + improve their cognitive skills

visual discrimination activities
Cognitive Activities

23 Proven Ways To Prep Your Preschooler for School—Even If You Have No Time

Your ultimate guide to visual discrimination activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Why it's critical for development & fun activity ideas.

supporting language development in early childhood
Cognitive Activities

Supporting Language Development in Early Childhood

5 tips for supporting language development in early childhood -- backed by psychology research. Learn how to boost your child's language

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I'm Stefanie—Founder & Designer For Little Moon

If you’re a toddler or preschooler parent who dreams of having a kid who is captivated by learning — but are too busy raising your tiny human on exactly 3 hours of sleep to research educational activities — nice to meet you, I’m your new solution.

I’m a cognitive psychologist + toddler mom, and I design nature printable activities to help your little one grow, learn and thrive through hands-on play, in a healthy way.

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Want 15 Creative Activities You Can Do with Flashcards?

Stop using drills and focus on games that make your child want to learn. Here are 15 unconventional activities to start thinking out of the box.

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