Build a Snowman Craft Printable: Free Kids Activity

build a snowman craft printable

Let’s make a cute snowman! ⛄

Grab your hot chocolate and put on your coziest slippers because we’re going to make the magic of the winter season. Indoors. Where it’s warm. ☕

Use this free build a snowman craft printable to create the perfect holiday season activity – even if it’s not snowing outside and you can’t make a real snowman.

And the best part? If you’re heading into the winter break and your kids are probably going to be around the house a little more than usual, you’re going to need a plan. Some creative crafts that your kid can do independently (while having so much fun), so you can get some things done. And that’s exactly what this snowman craft activity does.

Why is this the perfect winter activity? ⛄

  • Kids love snow, but you don’t have to wait for a snow day. Bring the snowman activity indoors!
  • It’s super easy to set up. Print, cut out the pieces and let your child’s creativity soar as they build their own snowman
  • It’s free ?
  • A fun project you can reuse over and over.  
  • It’s a paper snowman craft – it doesn’t take up much space, and you can travel easily with it. Pack it up for that road trip to see the family.
  • It’s a great way to keep your kids off the screens
  • Fun activity for kids of all ages including young children

Let’s Talk Developmental Benefits

As a cognitive psychologist, I can’t help but think of all of the amazing cognitive and developmental benefits a simple snowman craft can offer your child. 

  • It builds fine motor skills – putting that carrot nose in just the perfect spot
  • A great activity for language building (see tips below)
  • Helps build frustration tolerance
  • Inspires creativity and imagination
  • Great for problem-solving
  • Helps practice visual perception
  • Practices color recognition
  • Understand emotions and facial expressions
snowman cut out template

Materials for the Snowman Craft Project

Here are the craft supplies you’ll need for this easy snowman craft. 

  • Free Printable Template: Download
  • Glue stick
  • Cardstock or regular copy paper
  • Pair of scissors (either adult sized, or kid sized if they are old enough)
  • Printer
  • Optional: popsicle sticks

Instructions: How To Build a Snowman Craft Printable

  1. Download the Build a Snowman Craft Printable: Here.
  2. Print out the pages on your home printer on 8.5” x 11 (letter) or A4 paper. You can use cardstock or regular printer paper. You might want to print out a couple pieces of the snowman’s body so your kid can make different versions.
  3. For older kids, let them cut out the shapes themselves. For young kids, you can do this part for them.
  4. Lay out the pieces and let your child assemble the snowman pieces!
  5. Optionally: use a bit of craft glue or a glue stick to hold the pieces in place. My toddler had so much fun building and rebuilding snowmen that I didn’t end up gluing the pieces down – instead saving the snowman body parts in a little bag so I could pull it out again later.

snowman craft ideas
Snowman cut out

Tips for Making It Educational + Creative

Whether you’re using this at home and your whole family can join in, or you’re using it as a lesson plan in a classroom, snowman activities are the perfect activity to keep kids engaged and learning.  Just remember – this is a fun activity, so don’t make it too educational. Your kid will lose interest if this becomes all about learning. The craft activity in itself is a learning experience.

And, try to let your kid go at their own pace, and figure things out for themselves. If they are working independently – let them! Wait until they call you over instead of interrupting them. 

1. Let them cut

Let your kid cut out the shapes by themselves.  Or, if they aren’t quite old enough to cut the shapes out, let them practice cutting on your paper scraps as you cut out the pieces. This gives them a little extra fine motor skill practice!

2. Start Small

For toddlers and younger kids, give them a subset of the snowman parts and accessories if they are getting frustrated. (My toddler got mad that he could put ALL the hats on the snowman.)

3. Let Your Child Get Creative

Let them tell you what else they want to put on the snowman.  (My kid cut out his own “snowman feet”) and added them. To prompt for this, you can use statements like “I wonder what this snowman is missing…” to inspire your child’s creativity without quizzing or making this into a test.  

4. Use this as an activity to build their language skills

  • Where the body parts go (as you name off parts of the snowman)
  • Where the clothes and accessories go
  • Use positional and directional words like above, below, on, under etc
  • Colors (i.e. “ooh, let’s put the red hat on. Where is that one?”)
  • Textures (i.e. “I wonder if the snowman’s hat feels soft or hard…”)

5. Build Emotional Awareness

Talk about facial features and emotions that the snowman is having to build emotional awareness.

6. Create a snowman math craft

Use the snowman as a math activity to count.  You can count how many snowballs make up the main body. How many hats it’s wearing. How many accessories it has on, etc.

snowman template printable

More Snowman Craft Ideas

The thing I love about this build a snowman craft printable is so many different snowman art projects you can create, just from this simple template.  Here are some of my favorite DIY ideas:

snowman Lacing Card

Make it into a lacing card! After your child assembles the snowman and glues it together, use a hole punch to make holes around the edge.  Give your kid a piece of string, ribbon or a shoelace to have them weave it through the holes.

create a winter puppet show

Attach the assembled snowmen to a stick, popsicle stick or pretzel sticks and create a winter puppet show!

create a winter display

You can always put the assembled snowmen on the fridge, or you can create a table centerpiece with them. Attach the snowmen to a stick and put it in a bowl of dried beans to keep it upright and place it in the center of your table. 

Christmas tree ornaments

Attach a string to the top of the assembled snowmen to put them on your Christmas tree.

Get Creative

Use some 3D elements from around your house to give your snowman extra pizazz.  Like, pom poms, dried pasta parts (spaghetti hair, anyone?), dried beans, crushed cereal to make snow, pretzel sticks as arms, or cut new accessories out of construction paper. The possibilities are endless! And I’m sure your child will come up with things you or I would never think of.

Make handmade Greeting Cards

Glue them inside a holiday card for the most adorable, personalized Christmas cards you could send.

Download: Free Snowman Template Printable

Here’s what’s included in the free printable snowman template:

You’ll get 4 pages of snowman parts and accessories to print, including fun hats (including a top hat), clothes, winter accessories, glasses, sticks for arms, and an assortment of facial expressions (plus plenty of lumps of coal if you want to go the more traditional route).

Download the PDF here:

That’s a wrap! ?

Hopefully you and your family will love this adorable snowman activity and work it into your Christmas crafts for the season! If you’re looking for more winter weather fun – check out my Winter Activity Bundle that has over 15 projects and learning activities perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

And if you make a snowman, I’d love to see it. Tag me on Instagram @littlemoonpaperco

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