a preschool kids ice cream shop dramatic play area including printable popsicles and ice cream cutouts, order forms, play money and signs

Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Fun Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play Area

Inside: Your step-by-step guiding to setting up a magical DIY ice cream shop dramatic play area that inspires imaginative play and is packed with learning opportunities P icture this: your living room transformed into a lively ice cream shop, with your kid eagerly serving up imaginary scoops and sprinkles. I’ve been there, watching my own little preschooler hand me a “cone” with all the seriousness of a real shop owner. It’s more than just play—it’s a magical blend of creativity, imagination and a goldmine for learning opportunities. This setup can enhance cognitive skills, sequencing, and even literacy. Keep reading, because …

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gnome valentine coloring pages free

10 Free Gnome Valentine Coloring Pages (plus 6 Creative Ways To Use Them)

Inside: Download a free set of 10 printable gnome Valentine coloring pages for your preschool kid. C an you create an absorbing Valentine’s activity with zero effort? Yes, yes you can.  With free gnome Valentine coloring pages! And I’ve got 10 of them ready for you to download and print.  I make it a habit to always have a set of seasonal coloring sheets printed & ready to go at a moment’s notice.  ✔️ Heading to a restaurant and need something that isn’t a screen?✔️ Making dinner and the chaos circus is happening? ✔️ Do you just need 15 minutes to …

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printing guide

Step-by-Step Printing Guide

After reading this article, you’ll know how to create great prints on your home printer, with my step-by-step instructions. Use these instructions for making kids’ printable activities and getting a great print the first time. Including the best settings for printing on cardstock or thick paper. Print at home on 8.5 x 11″ or A4 paper on a color printer. I recommend the free Adobe PDF reader for printing. Here are the steps I follow to print. Depending on your printer and PDF software, yours may vary.

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