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Kid-Approved Printable Activities That Deliver Powerful Brain-Boosting Benefits

Throw out everything you know about how kids learn. These are play-based learning activities that are serious fun.

No more researching the best activities for your kiddo to do. I’ve done the hard work for you. Just pick out your activity, buy it, print it, and explore it with your little one. Once they get the hang of it, they’ll be independently playing on their own, and you can kick back and get a moment to relax (finally!).


Designed by a cognitive psychologist + mom to support healthy development


Let your child’s creativity soar while you get a much needed break

artfully designed

Goodbye 90s clipart, hello modern watercolor art you’ll want to hang in every room

so, what makes my printable activities special?

That’s a great question! Little Moon is the place where you can get printable activities & tools to help your little one thrive, without using screen time.

Little Moon exists because I, Stefanie, understand one thing very clearly.

And that is you want to do everything you can to nurture your kiddo and set them up with lifelong skills that are going to help them bloom into healthy, successful people.

But I also know that you are overwhelmed, exhausted and busy with a to-do list that’s a mile long.

And researching developmental methods and preparing activities is daunting and time-consuming.

That’s where I can help!

With a doctorate in cognitive psychology, and also a mom, I did all of the research for my own kiddo, and now can pass this knowledge along to you.

The printable activities & resources you’ll find here at Little Moon are all driven by research-backed data that are going to support your little one’s development in a healthy way.

It’s how I help you to communicate with your little one and spark their creativity through fun activities so that they build their…

 ● cognitive skills

 ● problem-solving techniques

 ● internal motivation

 ● and most importantly, their confidence in themselves

Skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.


Stefanie Fail, Ph.D.

about my approach

I believe a parenting approach should be supported by data, but also something that resonates with your values. My approach incorporates a mix of…

●  Montessori and Waldorf principles
●  respectful parenting techniques (from REI, and Magda Gerber)
●  cognitive psychology, like Piaget, attachment theory and childhood development
●  and my own doctoral focus, psycholinguistcs (or how we use and understand language)

But, at the foundation of it all is connection and respect for our children.

When you buy my activities, you aren’t just getting tools.  You’re getting information on how to use them for the best results for your kiddo.  How to communicate with them to support their healthy development.

For activities & learning, that means play-based learning where the goal is having fun and playing games. You won’t find any structured learning or forced drills here. Learning is something that kids do naturally, through play. My activities are just tools to get their imaginations running wild.

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