Let’s Stop Reading Boring Emails. the real tea ☕ #01

Hi there,

So, as I was deep cleaning our kitchen garbage can this weekend (where I do my best biz thinking), as my toddler whipped up a fresh batch of chili ice cream in his play kitchen — I had an epiphany. ✨

Ok, maybe that’s putting it a bit too strongly. But I was thinking about this email list.

And what emails I would want to read each week, if I were you.

To be honest, I kinda hate getting most biz emails because they’re boring. Or just spouting their latest products. Bleh.

With my hands in gloves up to my armpits, and the aroma of bleach surrounding me, I thought about an NPR story I listened to years ago.

About a woman who was on a mission to eradicate all small talk. And challenged herself in every conversation to steer it to a deeper path, instead of taking the everyday, shallow road.

Like, in one situation, where she went to a movie theater and got into a conversation with the ticket taker about what he had for lunch. Ramen with his girlfriend.

Did she follow-up on the (easy path) ramen? Oh no. She asked, do you love her?


Which then got into a deeper conversation about love, being in love, and eventually sex. (I’m sure the people waiting in line for their tickets loved this.)

So, following her lead, and possibly making decisions while under the influence of bleach fumes, I’m gonna try this out — no boring, surface-level emails that none of us are interested in reading (or writing, tbh). Let’s keep it candid, honest, and with a sprinkle of fun.

On that note, let’s back this thing up and let me (re)introduce myself. 

Hi, I’m Stefanie. Designer & Founder at Little Moon.

↠ I’m a bit of an Amaro aficionado.

↠ If you’re a guest at my house, I’ll match your mug/glassware to your personality.

↠ I think everything can and should be charted in a spreadsheet.

↠ When it comes to karaoke, I believe whatever you lack in talent should be made up with in VOLUME.

↠ I’m a crafty mom. My mom taught me how to sew, knit, crochet and run a tight business all before I turned 7. I plan to do the same with my toddler. (Thanks, mom. You the best.)

Phew, now that the important stuff is covered, maybe you want to know more about what makes me so sure I’m creating outstanding activities for your kid.

Activities that are so inviting, your child just can’t resist giving them a little try. Then before you know it, they are playing happily, and never know that activity is actually choc full of educational goodness.

And suddenly, learning is FUN. Something they look forward to. Something they ask you for. And then you win parent of the year award.

And here’s why it works. Long before having a baby, I got my doctorate in cognitive psychology. Where I studied psycholinguistics — or the way we use and process language.

Then I had a baby, and I became absolutely obsessed with learning the best way for me to support my little guy — cognitively, emotionally, developmentally — so he’d turn out to be a decent human being.

For the past 3 years, in my 27 minutes of free time a day, I’ve consumed research article after research article on the best way to support my baby (now toddler’s) development — in a healthy way.

For your toddler or preschooler, this means focusing on hands-on PLAY. Worksheets are a no-go at this age (more to come on that later).

Baked into every one of my printable activities is a mountain of research, making sure it’s developmentally appropriate for your kiddo. That it’s FUN.

And my head QA guy, Henry, personally takes each activity for a test drive. He’s only 3 but knows a thing or two about play. ❤

So, that’s me/us in a nutshell.

And what can you expect from here?

I’m going to be dropping into your inbox, each Monday — for Little Moon Mondays!

With activity and play ideas for your little one, some candid conversations, hot communication tips to help you internally motivate your kiddo to love learning, plus you’ll be the first to know about new printables! And, secret offers that you only get. right. here.

Is it Monday yet?

Waving from Brooklyn,


Oh, hi—I’m Stefanie. And you’re currently reading my Little Moon Monday’s newsletter! If you like what you’re seeing, you can sign up for my weekly email where I send one kids’ activity idea, once a week, so you can inspire your kiddo to love learning, plus you’ll get access to exclusive offers that are only available in my email club! ❤

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